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Romania Map 1

Romania Romania’s Database on Trafficking in Human Beings The Government of Romania developed its Database on Trafficking in Human Beings through the National Agency against Trafficking in Persons in 2007. The database enables government agencies to receive and process data regarding victims of trafficking, particularly migrant women, with a view to their identification and prompt […]

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Portugal Map 1

Portugal Portugal’s Strategic Plan for Migration (2015-2020) The Government of Portugal through The Strategic Plan for Migration (2015-2020) promotes support for migrant women in the country. It aims to strengthen participation of migrant women in civil society, in part by informing them of their rights and duties. It also promotes partnerships between the government and

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Norway Map 1

Norway Norway’s National Gender Equality Indicators The Government of Norway has been publishing national gender equality indicators since 2008. These data include gender-responsive information about women migrants regarding political institutions, the labour market, business structures and educational programs. Results are published at various geographical scales and allow policymakers to better plan gender-responsive policies. Read more

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Italy Map 1

Italy Italy Implements Training Courses for Government Agencies to Protect Migrant Women The Government of Italy, through the Ministry of Interior and funded by the European Commission, launched a three-year project to protect migrant women who were victims of human trafficking at regional and national levels. The project resulted in the implementation of training courses

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Ireland Map 1

Ireland Ireland Implements Strategies to Protect Migrant Women The Government of Ireland has worked from legislation to cover gender equality, including the Employment Equality Act of 1998. Its National Strategy for Women and Girls, 2017-2020, acknowledges and implements strategies to address the protection of disadvantaged women, including migrants. It aims to enable migrant women to

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Georgia Map 1

Georgia Georgia’s Law on Combating Trafficking The Government of Georgia has established protection for migrant women through Article 19 of the Law on Combating Trafficking. As part of the law’s implementation, Georgia gives assistance and protection to victims of human trafficking and entitles any person or legal entity to establish a private, non-for-profit shelther to

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France Map 1

France France Uses Gender-Responsive Data to Reduce Discrimination in the Civil Service The Government of France signed a memorandum of understanding with trade-union organisations and public employers to promote gender equality in the civil service in 2013. France is making gender-responsive data, including on women migrants, of central importance in hiring candidates for the civil

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Belgium Map 1

Belgium Belgium’s Alien Law of 1980 The Government of Belgium implemented protections of migrant women through its Alien Law of 1980. The act defines vulnerable groups needing access to social services, including unaccompanied minors, pregnant women, elderly persons and victims of psychological, physical or sexual abuse. Read more Theme: Violence and Vulnerabilities GCM Objective: 7,

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Austria Map 1

Austria Austria Uses Gender-Responsive Data for Gender-Oriented Budgeting and Reporting The Government of Austria has annually published the political outcomes of its gender equality policies since 2013. These reports evaluate key indicators to identify and address gender gaps in its society, including for migrant women. This change led to the development of a comprehensive gender-oriented

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Turkey Map 1

Turkey Turkey’s Law No. 6284 The Government of Turkey has implemented Law No. 6284, which focuses on the protection of family and prevention of violence against women, especially migrants. The law regulates procedures and principles with regard to measures for the prevention of violence against women more broadly. Anyone, including migrant women, may benefit from

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