The Government of Spain is working through the Institute of Women and Equal Opportunities for cross-sectional implementation of gender equality and non-discrimination in the labour force. All government agencies are required to provide gender-relevant statistical information, including on women migrants, conduct surveys, give advice and oversee effective implementation of gender-responsive data policies.

Theme: Migration Data and Registration

GCM Objective: 1, 7, 14

In 2005, the Government of Spain implemented its Normalization Programme to issue over 191,000 work permits for migrant workers, 89% of whom were women. Application procedures enabled both employers and women migrants to make direct submissions for applications for regularisation of status. As a result, submissions from migrant women allowed regularisation of status in particular for those working in care and domestic work sectors.

Theme: Pathways and Employment

GCM Objective: 4, 5, 6, 16, 18

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